Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

By Cindy Elavsky
Q: My brother and I have an ongoing disagreement that I hope you can help with. He says that the child actor in Madonna’s “Open Your Heart” video is a young Leonardo DiCaprio. I say it is someone else. Who’s correct? — Summer G., Huntsville, Ala.

A: Tell your brother that girls know best, because you are correct in this argument. Leo’s breakthrough role was that of Luke in “Growing Pains” back in 1991 (his movie breakthrough would come two years later opposite Robert DeNiro in “This Boy’s Life”).

The young boy in the Madonna video is child actor Felix Howard. He is from the U.K. and was 13 when he danced alongside the Material Girl. Felix soon left the acting world behind and went on to play in bands and later became a songwriter, writing songs for Amy Winehouse, Kylie Minogue, Holly Valance and Beverly Knight. He then got into the business side of the recording industry, and this past summer was promoted to head of A&R for EMI Music Publishing in the U.K.
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Q: Does Julia Roberts plan to have more children? I thought I read somewhere that she wants to have a houseful of kids. — Jackie R., via e-mail

A: The word on the street is no more kids for Julia and husband Danny Moder. Julia recently told OK! Magazine — while promoting her new movie “Valentine’s Day” — that she and Danny are happy with three children in their brood. “I think we’re going to stick with a trio. We just want to enjoy them and participate with what’s going on with each of them.” With another movie coming out this year, “Eat, Pray, Love,” and nine more in production, I don’t see how Julia could even find the time!
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Q: With the Academy Award nominees recently being announced, where will you put your money for Best Picture? Mine is on “Avatar.” — Mike R., via e-mail

A: I always have two picks in my head come award season: who WILL win, and who SHOULD win. This year is a bit more difficult because of the Academy’s decision to allow for 10 Best Picture nominees instead of the usual five. While I loved “Avatar” for its beauty and ingenuity, the story was a bit weak for me to win for Best Picture. “Up in the Air” and “District 9” are up there when it comes to great story, great acting and an overall great movie-going experience.

However, I believe that the Academy is going to bestow the honor this year on “The Hurt Locker,” a movie that truly deserves every accolade it receives. But if you want to know the movie I really WANT to see win the Academy Award, it’s “Up.” “Up” is a beautiful, moving and hilarious journey — both for the characters on screen and those watching it — that for me deserves Hollywood’s highest honor.

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