Week combines fun, appreciation for faith-based education

Eighth-graders complete 3-D, nonrepresentational mobiles based on design concepts during instructor Lisa Ackley’s Feb. 2 art class as part of Wyandotte Catholic Consolidated School’s celebration of Catholic Schools Week. The students sported whimsical fashions Tuesday as part of Crazy Hair, Hat and Socks Day.

Photo by Sue Suchyta

Photo by Sue Suchyta

Eighth-graders Kennedy Stevens (left), Theresa Harris and Alicia Sims work on their 3-D sculptures while sporting flamboyant hats and hairstyles.

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE – Catholic Schools Week – celebrated prior to Lent during the cold and gray days of midwinter – offers a chance to combine fun with appreciation as students, teachers, parents and volunteers celebrate a tradition of faith-based education and academic excellence.

Wyandotte Catholic Consolidated School students launched their celebration Monday with PJ and Slipper Day. They enjoyed doughnuts and juice provided by the parent teacher service organization, as well as board games and a book fair.

Tuesday brought out the crazy hats and socks, and students flaunted hairstyles way beyond the normal dress code decorum.

Wednesday was set aside for a bowling field trip, while movies and mismatched dress were on the marquee for Thursday.

A special Mass started Friday’s events, which saw included “Raider Games,” a basket raffle, a casual dress day and special activities.

Students cited some of their favorite activities from the week.

“Movie Day and Raider Games,” said eighth-grader Emily Stout. “We’re doing an obstacle course and screaming contest.”

“For me the best part is probably Pajama Day,” said James Lyon, also in the eighth grade. “We get to use an hour of school to play games.”

“I think it’s more fun now that we’re eighth-graders, because we actually get to do more, setting it up and everything,” said Zack Stempien. “On Pajama Day we set up and played board games with our little brothers and sisters.”

Kennedy Stevens thought that Crazy Hair, Hat and Sock Day was the most fun, while Alicia Sims appreciated the doughnuts the PTSO provided Monday morning.