By Fifi Rodiguez
1. ANIMAL ADJECTIVES: What is a group of dragons called?
2. TELEVISION: What was Norm’s last name in the sitcom series “Cheers”?
3. GEOGRAPHY: Lapland is a region of what country?
4. ARTS: An eisteddfod — a festival of music, literature and performing arts — is held in which country?
5. ANATOMY: Where is the retina located?
6. HISTORY: Who was known as “The Iron Chancellor”?
7. U.S. STATES: The Catskill Mountains are located in which U.S. state?
8. FOOD & DRINK: What kind of plant does the flavoring saffron come from?
9. MOVIES: Who directed the movie “The Lost Weekend”?
10. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What kind of creature does the Australian bandicoot most resemble?

1. A weyr
2. Peterson
3. Finland
4. Wales
5. The eye
6. Otto von Bismarck, Germany
7. New York
8. Crocus flower
9. Billy Wilder
10. A large rat

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