Police blotter

Allen Park
Underage egg throwers busted
Three teen boys were cited for curfew violation and throwing eggs at passing cars as they were driving on Ecorse Road about 2:30 a.m. last Sunday.

Man steals formula
A man attempted to leave Meijer, 3565 Fairlane Drive, with five cans of infant formula concealed in his coat at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

He said he had no money and planned to sell the formula to friends with children; he also has outstanding warrants from Wyandotte.

Burglar interrupted
Police believe a burglar in the 15000 block of Russell may have left suddenly after hearing a homeowner returning about 10 a.m. Monday.

The house had been ransacked and a blanket was found near the door with the thief’s intended take.

A $1,000 handgun, a $200 MP3 player and a $350 man’s watch were taken, however.

Empty house robbed, flooded
A vacant house in the 15000 block of Warwick with a radiant heating system was left to flood early Jan. 16 after the boiler and thermostat were stolen.

A neighbor discovered water flowing out of the side of the house and freezing on the driveway.

Drunk’s change check halted
A 20-year-old man was arrested at 2 a.m. Wednesday when police found him drunkenly rummaging through a car for small change in the 9000 block of Reeck.

The man also admitted to going through an unlocked car on Leslie without finding anything in it.

Four arrested during robbery
Police Tuesday night arrested two men and two women who may be responsible for multiple home break-ins in surrounding communities.

Officers were dispatched on the report of a breaking and entering in progress in the 12800 block of Robert. Four adults were arrested in the house, and as of Thursday morning were in police custody. Police are working with neighboring departments, including Allen Park and Southgate, to see if the group can be tied to any other recent break-ins. One man is from Southgate, and the others – two women and a man — are from Detroit. All four are between the ages of 18 to 24 years old.

Holiday spirits impaired driving
A 22-year-old Warren woman was cited and arrested for driving while impaired, resisting arrest, refusing a preliminary breath test, moving violations and carrying a concealed weapon while impaired the evening of Dec. 17.

When the woman was stopped on Outer Drive east of Enterprise for a traffic violation, her vehicle smelled of intoxicants, her eyes were glassy and she failed field sobriety tests.

Police restrained her to make the arrest and impounded her vehicle and seized her handgun, clip and her concealed weapon license.

Car stereo taken
A stereo was ripped from the dash of a Dodge pickup parked in the 18000 block of Riverview Street early Monday morning.

A power converter also was missing. There was no other damage to the vehicle.

Tanks turn up missing
Sixteen propane tanks with a total value of $800 were stolen early Tuesday from a storage box at Speedway gas station, 15121 Fort.

Fresh tanks had been delivered the day before. A customer alerted store personnel when they found a piece of the storage box padlock in the parking lot.

Safe not safe under bed
A 21-year-old Rockwood man may have stolen $1,600 from a safe hidden under his mother’s bed at her house in the 600 block of Oak.

According to the victim, the bed must be dismantled to reach the safe, and only she and her mother have keys.

The victim said her son owes $2,000 in fines to the Michigan Secretary of State. The money went missing between Dec. 7 and Jan. 14.

Police plan to check the safe for fingerprints.

Hospital parking lot larceny
An in-dash stereo was stolen from a vehicle in the employee parking lot during the day shift at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital Jan. 14.

The victim said the vehicle may not have properly locked; it was not damaged.

Chemistry clash
A chemistry class dispute between two 16-year-old Roosevelt High School girls sent one to the hospital Jan. 14.

The victim was at her locker and reportedly ignored the aggressor, who allegedly slammed her head against the wall twice and punched her at least 10 times.

The injured girl was treated at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital for head and jaw injuries.