By Fifi Rodriguez
1. PSYCHOLOGY: What is the excessive fear represented in “hippophobia”?
2. BIBLE: What Bible verse begins with the words: “The Lord is my shepherd … ”?
3. PERSONALITIES: What is Tiger Woods’ real first name?
4. MEASUREMENTS: How many square inches are in a square foot?
5. GEOGRAPHY: What was the ancient Roman name for Ireland?
6. HISTORY: The Battle of Agincourt took place in which major war?
7. INVENTIONS: Who is credited with inventing potato chips?
8. LANGUAGE: What kind of animal does the adjective “porcine” refer to?
9. MEDICINE: What causes chilblains?
10. MATH: What is the Arabic equivalent of the Roman numerals LXX?

1. Fear of horses
2. Psalm 23
3. Eldrick
4. 144
5. Hibernia
6. Hundred Years War
7. George Crum
8. Pigs
9. Exposure to cold causing red, swollen skin
10. 70

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