Police subdue drunken man at theater

By J. Patrick Pepper
Sunday Times Newspapers
Police arrested a Detroit man for drunken disorderly conduct at AMC Star Fairlane 21, 18900 Michigan Ave., about 8 p.m. Jan 9.

According to police reports, management asked the 47-year-old man to leave and eventually called police because he was being loud and obnoxious during a movie. When the man finally exited the theater after much resistance, he began yelling expletives at the patrons inside as police stood nearby watching. The man told police he was leaving when he noticed them, and warned them not to touch him because he was just released from prison. Police said that when the man “stumbled” by them they noticed a strong smell of alcohol on his breath.

As they followed the man outside, he threatened to “blow someone’s head off.” Eventually the man made it to the roadway in front of the theater, where he turned around and challenged the officers as he raised his fists in a fighting stance.

One officer answered swiftly, delivering a double palm heel strike to his chest, sending the man to the ground. The man reportedly apologized, saying he was drunk. He was subsequently arrested.