Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn

By Cindy Elavsky
Q: When is the latest installment of “Celebrity Apprentice” going to air? That show is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. — Glenda D., via e-mail

A: You and me both! My hubby and I were glued to our sets last season to watch good guy Jesse James battle it out with the other more-devious celebs: Poker champ Annie Duke, I’m lookin’ at you! While I can’t guarantee that there will be another “whore pit viper” moment, I believe this new cast will provide plenty of entertainment when the show premieres on Sunday, March 14, on NBC.

The cast includes: baseball legend Darryl Strawberry, singer Cyndi Lauper, Poison frontman Bret Michaels, “America’s Got Talent” judge Sharon Osbourne, track star Michael Johnson, actress Holly Robinson Peete, pro wrestler Goldberg, comedienne Carol Leifer, funnyman Sinbad, Olympic swimming champion Summer Sanders, former governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich, pro wrestler Maria Kanellis, celebrity chef Curtis Stone and Victoria’s Secret Angel Selita Ebanks.
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Q: I know Matthew McConaughey had a son fairly recently, but I was wondering if he and the mother of his child are married? Also, a co-worker told me McConaughey’s girlfriend is pregnant again. Is that true? — Portia R., Harrisburg, Pa.

A: Matthew and girlfriend Camila Alves welcomed their son, Levi, back in 2008. Camila gave birth to the couple’s second child, Vida, this past month. Mother and daughter are doing fine. Only time will tell if the new parents decide to tie the knot.
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Q: My family and I watched “Four Christmases” on DVD during the holiday and thought it was absolutely hilarious, especially Vince Vaughn (as usual). What does he have coming up next that we can enjoy him in? — Faith D., via e-mail

A: First, a big congratulations is in order for Vince: The consummate bachelor, who has been linked to actresses Jennifer Aniston and Joey Lauren Adams, got married on Jan. 2 to real-estate agent Kyla Weber in a small, private ceremony in Vince’s hometown of Lake Forest, Ill. His upcoming professional projects include the feature films “Sunny and 68,” “Realtors” and “The H-Man Cometh.” Hmmm … I wonder if he met his wife while researching his role in “Realtors”?
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Q: I saw Richard Chamberlain in a movie years ago about an airline pilot who crashed up north (based on a true story) and had to survive the cold weather until help came. Do you remember it, and is it out on DVD? — Cate, via e-mail

A: You’re thinking of a made-for-TV movie called “Ordeal in the Arctic,” which originally aired in 1993 on ABC. The film is an adaption of the nonfiction book “Death and Deliverance,” and it also starred Catherine Mary Stewart and “Thirtysomething” alumnus Melanie Mayron. While production of the DVD has been discontinued by the manufacturer, copies can be found online at sites like amazon.com and ebay.com.

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