Teen allegedly raped at New Year’s Eve party

HEIGHTS — Two local men were arrested for criminal sexual conduct after they allegedly raped a 16-year-old girl during a New Year’s Eve party in the basement of their father’s house on Powers.

The girl and her mother reported the incident to police about 4 a.m. Jan. 1. The girl told police she went to the party with a friend and was given alcoholic drinks throughout the night by the suspects, who police say are 19 years old and 26 years old.

As the night wore on, she said, both of the brothers made repeated unsuccessful advances toward her, including several attempts to kiss her. When the party began to break up about 2 a.m., the girl said she found herself alone in the downstairs bathroom with the suspects.

The suspects started to try to kiss her again, which led her to try to exit the bathroom, she said. But one of the suspects allegedly pulled her pants down as she exited. The girl said she then was forced to perform oral sex on both of the men, despite her pleas to stop.

The suspects then took turns having intercourse with her while the other pinned her down, all while she continued yelling for them to stop, she said. The girl told police neither of the men used condoms, and that she was unsure whether they had ejaculated inside her.

Police advised the girl and her mother to get a rape kit at the nearest emergency medical facility. They also were able to arrest the two suspects at the house without incident.