Police blotter

Performance car break-ins continue
A 2008 Dodge Charger was broken into in the 800 block of Claremont sometime overnight Dec. 20.

The owner told police the vehicle was locked, but the culprit punched the driver’s-side door lock to gain entry. The steering column was undamaged, however. An 8-gigabyte iPod was the only item reported missing.

Police said several high performance vehicles recently have been broken into in the neighborhood

Jesus figure filched
A baby Jesus manger figure was stolen from a holiday display in the 7900 block of Middlepointe the week of Christmas, police said.

The homeowner told police he last saw the figure – described as having brown hair, a white gown and an interior light – on Dec. 22 and noticed it was missing about noon Dec. 24. An electrical cord was cut in order to remove the figure.

Dearborn Heights
Homemade bombs suspected in mailbox explosions
Two mailboxes in the 5600 block of Rosetta were destroyed by what police are calling a homemade bomb shortly after midnight Dec. 27.

In the 15-foot debris radius surrounding the spot where the boxes previously stood, police found remnants of tin foil, plastic apparently from a two-liter bottle and traces of what is believed to be cleaning solution. Police noted that a chemical reaction caused by the tin foil and cleaner causes an explosion.