By Cindy Elavsky
Q: I watched “Panic Room” with Jodie Foster the other night, and I wondered if that was Dwight Yoakam playing one of the robbers? He looked older, but his voice sounded just like Dwight’s. — Linda K., Columbus, Ohio

A: That was indeed the country singer-turned-actor playing the part of Raoul, the most lethal of the band of robbers who threaten Jodie and a young Kristen Stewart in the 2002 thriller. If you like what you saw in “Panic Room,” you can also catch Dwight in “Hollywood Homicide,” “Wedding Crashers” and “Four Christmases,” to name just a few of his acting projects.
* * *
Q: I’ve read the reports about Charlie Sheen threatening his wife, Brooke, with a knife over the Christmas holiday. What will become of him, and what of the couple’s marriage and children? — David G., Scranton, Pa.

A: The “Two and a Half Men” star has a long history of violence and brushes with the law. This latest episode came when it had seemed the actor had settled into family life and fatherhood. Prosecutors in the case have said that they probably won’t decide if they will file charges against him until just prior to his next scheduled court appearance on Feb. 8.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Arnold Mordkin said that Charlie’s second-degree assault charge is the most serious and usually carries potential jail time of two to eight years, with a fine of $2,000 to $500,000. Charlie’s attorney, Richard Cummins, told People magazine of the couple’s relationship: “They have two children together and they love one another, and they’re going to work through what is a difficult time as privately as possible.”
* * *
Q: What has “That Thing You Do” actor Johnathan Schaech been up to lately? I haven’t heard much about him since his divorce from the wonderful Christina Applegate. — Holly J., via e-mail

A: He’s been busy falling in love. Johnathan, 40, popped the question to actress Jana Kramer, 26. The two met while filming the 2008 thriller “Prom Night.” They got engaged on Dec. 22 in Schaech’s hometown of Edgewood, Md. This will be the first marriage for Jana, who presently plays Alex Dupre on the CW’s “One Tree Hill.” She previously played Portia Ransom on the new “90210.”
* * *
Q: I am already upset to learn that Oprah Winfrey will be ending her show in 2011, and now I hear that Tyra Banks is ending her talk show as well. Is it true? — Wilma W., Madison, Wis.

A: What you’ve heard is indeed true. Tyra recently announced that the current fifth season of “The Tyra Show” will be the final season. She does, however, plan to stick with “America’s Next Top Model” and has plans to form a movie-production company. Of her time spent hosting the popular gabfest, Tyra stated, “I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past five years.”

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