Teamwork helped second-graders win food drive

Photo by Sue Suchyta

Photo by Sue Suchyta

Daniel Voss (left) and Amy Voss of the Wyandotte Salvation Army, Principal Cindy Wright, second grade teacher Dawn Lee and her second grade class collected 211 cans of food during the collection period. Teamwork helped the class collect the most cans.

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE – Working together as a group helped Dawn Lee’s second-grade class at Garfield Elementary School win the all-school canned food drive for the local Salvation Army.

The 28 children in her class collected 211 cans; the school as a whole collected 922.

“We used teamwork,” Hannah Hardin said.

“We worked hard,” Hailey Graff added. “Without teamwork we couldn’t do it.”

Said Ashley Dunnigan: “We brought in cans every day.”

Students received reminders on their weekly homework sheets, and Lee’s classroom was led in terms of donations for the last two weeks of the drive, she said.

Capts. Daniel and Amy Voss of the Wyandotte Salvation Army were pleased to receive the donations from the school Dec. 14.

The class will celebrate their successful collection with a classroom popcorn party.

“They’ve worked very hard,” Lee said.

Principal Cindy Wright is proud of the generosity of all of her students.

“Our students really worked together,” she said. “They know it’s important to give and not always receive. “We’re really trying to teach it to our kids this holiday season.”

Santa Shop sponsored
Garfield at the last minute decided to offer a Santa’s Workshop on its premises that would allow children to select gifts for their families at no cost.

Wright praised the generous donations from parents and local businesses. Over 2,500 items were donated from which the youth could select gifts at no cost for their families.

Parent volunteers decorated and set up the Santa Shop last Sunday. One of them, Rob Kirby, praised the team effort put forth by the adults. His thoughts were echoed by Wright.

“It’s a good feeling to give, and it’s important to give,” she said. “The community of Wyandotte and the (Garfield) parents are awesome.”

Parent coordinator Sandi Bunch praised the efforts of teachers and parents.

“It has been fabulous organizing this,” she said. “It’s been everything.”