By Cindy Elavsky
Q: Is it true that Lindsay Lohan is dating “How I Met Your Mother” star Jason Segel? — Barbara S., via e-mail

A: Lindsay, who split from girlfriend Samantha Ronson earlier this year, has taken to her Twitter account to dispel all rumors of romance. She brands the rumors as ridiculous, stating she was merely “meeting at a co-worker’s home.” As of this writing, the project they are working on together is unknown.
* * *
Q: I can remember when we had new episodes for TV shows from fall to spring. Now the networks have winter finales for their shows. Why is that? — Theo J., via e-mail

A: There are a few reasons for this new, “winter finale” trend. One, of course, is money. Many people are traveling and very busy during the holiday season, so the networks don’t want to “waste” new episodes when fewer people are watching. This is also a good time to air holiday-themed programs. Another reason is they want to give midseason shows a chance to strut their stuff.

For instance, Fox put “Glee” on hiatus Dec. 9 (to return April 13), “Fringe” takes a break on Feb. 4 (to return April 1), and “Lie to Me” returns in late spring as well. This makes room for shows like the Mark Valley action-drama “Human Target,” reality series “Our Little Genius,” thriller “Past Life” and comedy “Sons of Tucson.” Fox is reporting that “’Til Death” will be back in the new year as well.
* * *
Q: I absolutely love Michelle Forbes in just about every role she is in. What can I watch her in next? — Marti F., Altoona, Pa.

A: Michelle — who turns 45 in January — has quite a full plate. The “Prison Break,” “True Blood” and “In Treatment” actress can be seen next on ION Television in the drama “Durham County.” Season Two begins on Jan. 3, and Michelle comes to the show as Dr. Penelope Verrity, an even more dangerous nemesis to Mike Sweeney than serial killer Ray Prager. Count me in!
* * *
Q: Around 1983, two movies aired at about the same time, both depicting realistic looks at what life might be like after a nuclear holocaust. One of them, which still airs from time to time in reruns, is called “The Day After.” What is the name of the other film? — William D., Henning, Tenn.

A: I vividly remember “The Day After” — it scared the bejesus out of 11-year-old me. However, I could not recall the other movie you ask about. My husband, however, knew the movie you were talking about right away. It’s called “Testament,” and it starred Jane Alexander, William Devane, Rebecca De Mornay, Kevin Costner and Lukas Haas. It centers on a mother, Jane Alexander, and her attempts to help her family survive after a nuclear attack. The movie is available on DVD.

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