Police Blotter

Out-of-control teen arrested at theater
A profanity-laced outburst followed by the alleged assault of a mall security guard and a police officer at AMC Star Fairlane 21, 18900 Michigan, landed a 17-year-old Detroit boy in jail about 8 p.m. Nov. 20.

    Police say the boy became upset with the security guard when he found out that several of the people he was with would not be allowed into the theater because of curfew restrictions. He allegedly began yelling swear words loud enough that a crowd gathered around him to see what the commotion was.

    As the guard went to escort the boy out of the building, the boy grabbed him by the shirt and threw him into a wall. The guard suffered no injuries.

    By the time police arrived, the boy once again had attracted a crowd, except this time he was outside and had removed his shirt. When officers tried to ask the boy his side of the story, he became uncooperative and pushed one of them. He subsequently was subdued and arrested for breach of peace, assault and battery and failure to obey.

Man robbed at gunpoint in front of his house
Police are looking for four men believed to be involved in an armed robbery in the 7600 block of Payne about midnight Nov. 29.

    The victim told police he had just parked his car in front of his house when a gray 2007 or 2008 Dodge Ram pulled into his neighbor’s driveway. After turning around, the driver of the truck stopped next to the victim’s car. The victim said he looked up to see the front passenger pointing a silver revolver at him, demanding, “Give me everything you’ve got.”

    The victim turned over a money clip with credit and debit cards, identification and about $50 cash, as well as a cell phone and his car keys. The suspects then fled north at a high rate of speed.

Dearborn Heights
Perverse package stolen from condo complex lobby

A woman residing in the Riviera Condominiums, 7350 Inkster, called police when she discovered that someone had taken her recently ordered nipple clamps from a package bin in the lobby sometime Nov. 28.

    The woman’s neighbor said she saw the package unopened in the bin about noon and then three hours later noticed that it had been opened. The neighbor added that in recent months several other residents have had packages opened or stolen from the bin.