Detective sergeant joins Dearborn Police Polygraph Unit

Detective Sgt. Jeffrey Gee

Detective Sgt. Jeffrey Gee

Dearborn — Detective Sgt. Jeffrey Gee is the newest addition to the Police Department Investigative Division Polygraph Unit.

Gee recently completed an intensive 10-week polygraph examiner’s course at the Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice in Annapolis, Md.

Gee, an 18-year veteran of the department, had been assigned as an investigator in the Detective Bureau for the past six years.

Gee will begin a two-year internship under the supervision of Lt. Neil Myres, who has been the licensed polygraph examiner with the department since 2002.

The polygraph is used to assist case investigators and prosecutors in determining the truthfulness of suspects and witnesses in both major and minor crimes. The unit has been responsible for obtaining countless admissions, with the result of streamlining investigative burdens.

Conversely, the unit has cleared many suspects, allowing detectives to focus their energies more efficiently toward solving the case.

The Polygraph Unit also provides assistance to the prosecutor’s office and other police agencies in need of polygraph testing for critical case investigation.

“Our commitment to training a second Polygraph operator will ensure that this valuable technology is available to our investigators well into the future,” Police Chief Ronald Haddad said.