Police Blotter

Pursuit by homeowner leads to arrest

A man residing in the 7600 block of Kentucky helped police track down a fleeing burglar whom he found rummaging through his garage about 5:30 Nov. 20.

    The homeowner told police he was in his neighbor’s back yard when he noticed his garage door was open. When he went to check it out, he ran into a 42-year-old Detroit man.

    The man told the homeowner he had been sent by someone to “do some work.” But when the homeowner pressed him on who sent him, the suspect pulled out a knife and fled.

    The homeowner allowed the man to pass, but quickly began pursuit while dialing 911. After a chase through alleys and back yards, the homeowner lost sight of the man. In the meantime, though, police were able to set up a perimeter and soon found the suspect hiding in some bushes a few blocks away. Police found on the suspect a crack pipe and hypodermic needles.

    He was arrested for aggravated felonious assault, burglary and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Preteens used as lookouts in theft
  Three Detroit women were arrested for retail fraud and contributing to the delinquency of a minor for their involvement in a theft scheme at Wal-Mart, 5851 Mercury Drive, about 9 p.m. Nov. 18.

    A store loss prevention worker told police the three women stuffed diaper bags with liquor, clothing, and other merchandise as two boys stood lookout on opposite ends of the aisle; one was 8 years old, the other 9.

    The women – an 18-year-old and two 24-year-olds – and the boys were detained after they walked past store cash registers without paying.

Dearborn Heights
Appliances stolen from rental house

A rental homeowner in the 6500 block of Shadowlawn suspects her former tenants of stealing several appliances before they moved out earlier this month.

    The homeowner reported the theft to police Nov. 17 when she went to inspect the house. She said the former tenants were evicted. Among the missing items were a dishwasher, stove, lawnmower, clothing washer and dryer.

Tools stolen from van
  A reciprocating saw, hammer drill and power drill were stolen from a 2002 Ford Econoline van parked in the 5600 block of North Highland sometime overnight Nov. 14.

    The owner called police about 3 a.m. when he noticed a window was broken on his van and subsequently discovered the tools were missing. A number of other power tools were left, leading police to surmise that the culprit may have been scared off before he was finished.