Board of education member, family threatened

Sunday Times Newspapers

MELVINDALE – Melvindale-Northern Allen Park Board of Education Trustee Anita Rader has filed police reports to document threats against her and her family.

The board has been involved in difficult and emotionally charged decisions in recent months, including a controversy involving the high school varsity football coaches.

Shortly after midnight Nov. 10, Rader’s house and car were vandalized. “Die bitch” was written in black marker on the house’s side and rear door, and “Have another stroke” was written on the hood of her car.

Although the damage was not permanent, Rader reported the incident to police for future reference. She also reported phone threats Nov. 11 by an unknown adult male to her and her children.

“I will continue to work hard to make sure the students in our district will remain safe and receive nothing less than an excellent education,” said Rader in a statement to the Sunday Times Newspapers. “This is not the first time my property has been vandalized or threats on my family have been made for standing up for what is right.

“I will not allow myself to feel threatened by this. However, the threats on my children have been very overwhelming.

“It’s hard for other parents to come forward with what they believe because of the threats, harassment, retaliation on their children and vandalism to their property. As you can see these individuals do damage and don’t seem to care in the process.”