Police Blotter

Lincoln Park
Shack rocked, robbed
Police were called about 3:30 a.m. Nov. 7 to Radio Shack, 1740 Dix, after the store’s alarm sounded.

They arrived to find a large rock had been thrown through a window in order to gain entry. A total of $2,500 in electronics items were missing.

An employee said three black men had been inside the store the day before looking at the same items that were stolen. He said they declined his offer to help them and were acting suspiciously.

Police took a computer and a television to check them for fingerprints; they also took the rock as evidence.

Surveillance cameras inside the store had been moved, police said.

Garage thieves get big haul
More than $5,200 worth of household goods were found missing just after 9:30 a.m. Nov. 7 from a garage in the 1700 block of Mill.

Entry was gained through a window on the north side of the garage; thieves exited through the rollup main door.

Items taken include a weed trimmer $125, a 32-inch television ($425), golf clubs ($3,200), a miter saw ($350), a home theater receiver ($350) a video game system and controllers ($375), 10 video games ($300) and 10 DVDs ($100).

Golf equipment targeted in break-in
Nearly $2,500 worth of golf equipment was taken overnight Monday from a house in the 15800 block of Humphrey.

The resident got up to go to work just before 5 a.m. and found the equipment missing, along with a $400 Global Positioning System unit and a $150 range finder.

There were no signs of forced entry and the garage’s exterior lights were turned on the night before when the door was closed.

Approximately $1,150 worth of women’s equipment and $1,200 worth of men’s equipment were taken.

Everything else appeared intact, the owner said.

Construction tools taken from trucks at hotel
Three construction trucks parked at Comfort Suites, 18950 North Line, were robbed Tuesday.

About 1 a.m., the owner of a 2005 Chevrolet 2500 found that the truck’s door lock had been punched out, and that a number of items had been taken, including a $1,000 laptop computer, a $300 drill set, a bag containing $2,000 worth of miscellaneous tools, a $75 drill bit set, a $75 air card, a $125 work coat and a $25 Bible.

About 6 a.m., the owner of a 2004 Ford F-350 found that its lock had been punched out. A $175 Global Positioning System unit, a $150 work coat, a $325 blower and a $75 briefcase all were missing.

About the same time, the owner of 2004 Dodge found that its rear door had been damaged to gain entry. Nearly $10,000 worth of miscellaneous tools had been taken.

Surveillance video showed a man pulling into the hotel’s rear lot in a white pickup truck, and also showed the man breaking into the vehicles.

Woman’s wedding ring turns up in store
A family member of a woman living in the 7900 block of Pardee reported seeing the woman’s wedding ring Nov. 6 at Francetich Jewelry, 24901 Champaign.

The woman said she had noticed jewelry disappearing from her house over the last two years, but finally called police once the ring was spotted. She believes a friend who has been cleaning her house may have taken the items.

Market cash drawers emptied, guns and safe OK
Police were called just before 4 a.m. Monday to Norm’s Market, 23760 Ecorse Road, on word of the alarm going off.

They arrived and found the front doors had been pried open, though there was no broken glass. Inside, two cash register drawers had been emptied of $200 each.

Three guns on the premises were left behind, and a safe remained intact.

Missing guitar proves mysterious
A student at Trenton High School, 2601 Charlton, reported seeing a boy walk through a parking lot near the gymnasium with a guitar about noon Nov. 6.

The boy was described as white, about 14 years old with curly blond hair and wearing a gray sweat jacket. The student said he believed the guitar belonged to a classmate.

About 10 a.m that day, another student reported that his guitar, valued at $900, was missing from the dressing room near the music room. He told other students it was missing, which is when the witness who saw the boy with the guitar in the parking lot realized he may have seen the theft.

The witness told an administrator that he had placed his own guitar in the music room, which had been locked until the start of school.

The administrator said the witness has changed his story a couple of times. An officer said the witness appeared nervous while being questioned, but that the witness said he is just nervous around police.

Injured deer euthanized
A woman called police to the area of Vreeland Road and Hoover about 1:30 p.m. Monday to report that a deer that had been struck earlier by a vehicle was lying down in a field.

The deer’s legs appeared to be broken, police said, and it was dragging itself across the field.

An officer shot the deer three times in the chest to kill it and allowed the woman to take it from the scene.