New mayor, others sworn in as city’s elected leaders

Jeffrey Lamarand

Jeffrey Lamarand

TAYLOR – Jeffrey Lamarand is now on the job as the city’s seventh mayor.

Lamarand, with his hand on a Bible held by his wife, Mishelle, was inaugurated by 23rd District Court Judge Geno Salomone before an overflow crowd of several hundred Nov. 9 at City Hall.

Other full-time elected officials sworn in were City Clerk Mary Ann Rilley and Treasurer Wayne Avery. Both were re-elected.

Also taking part in the inauguration ceremonies were new City Council Chairwoman Cheryl Burke and re-elected Chairwoman Pro Tem Jill Brandana, along with council members Herman Ramik, Jacklyn Molner, John Delo, Suzanne Weycker and Dennis Stapleton.

Lamarand, a councilman who defeated longtime Mayor Cameron Priebe on Nov. 3, thanked his supporters and other participants in the inauguration – including many police officers and firefighters, past and present.

A now-former school teacher at Crestwood High School in Dearborn Heights, Lamarand drew a laugh from the crowd when he thanked his government class students who were in attendance probably “just to make sure it’s real.”

The new mayor pledged to work with other elected officials to move Taylor forward, “doing what we have to for the city.”

“Today, we’re turning the page on a new chapter on the story of this great city – one that not only returns many familiar faces, but places some of us in new roles,” he said. “As we head down a path filled with many challenges that lie in front of us, I look to all of my fellow elected officials to stand with me and face these challenges head on.

“I know I’m not alone when I say I love this city. Every one of these people will stand and tell you the same thing. It is my home, it’s my family’s home, it’s your home.”

Lamarand said he would act responsibly in making decisions.

“As I look out at the faces of family and friends and the many employees of the city, be assured I will act in an air of calmness, as we all have a vested interest in Taylor’s success. No decision here will come easy, but they will be carried out in a compassionate and dignified manner.

“We have a tough task in front of us, but I am excited about the many opportunities we have. I know we will become stronger and healthier as a community. And with that, Taylor, I am ready to serve you. Thank