Chief Judge Somers re-appointed by Michigan Supreme Court

Judge Mark Somers

Judge Mark Somers

DEARBORN — The justices of the Michigan Supreme Court appointed the Mark W. Somers to a third consecutive two-year term as chief judge of 19th District Court Nov. 5.

Somers was first elected to the 19th District Court bench in 2002, and was re-elected in 2008. While serving as chief judge over the past four years Somers also has presided over the court’s drug treatment program, having volunteered to assume those duties upon the retirement of former 19th District Court Judge Virginia Sobotka in 2005.

Serving on the Dearborn bench with Somers are Judges Richard Wygonik and William Hultgren.

The Supreme Court makes chief judge appointments for the court of appeals and all Michigan trial courts.

Chief judges serve as the presiding officer of the court with the responsibility to initiate its internal policies and represent the court in public and inter-governmental relations. They also act as director of the court’s administration with the responsibility to supervise everything from caseload management to the performance of court personnel and the court’s finances and budget.

Chief judges do not receive any additional compensation for their added duties.