Betty White

Betty White

By Cindy Elavsky
Q: How has Lisa Niemi been doing since the death of her husband, Patrick Swayze? — Carol C., Mansfield, Ohio

A: In recent weeks, the actress/dancer has made her first public appearances since Patrick’s death and admits that dealing with his passing is “an animal all it’s own.”

“The most courageous thought that I had was that I wanted to, at some point, feel like I had the courage to go on and have a good life,” Lisa said. “And in the first few days (after his death), I felt like that would almost be a betrayal. But it’s a brutal truth that you have to go on without that person. I’ve spent two thirds of my life with him. And part of me believes that I will see him again. I’m just going to have to go on until then.”
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Q: I rented “The Proposal” over the weekend and loved it. I especially loved the scenery (Ryan Reynolds’ abs notwithstanding). Where did they film the movie? — Annie J., Sacramento, Calif.

A: I spoke with ardent animal lover and all-around great person Betty White recently, and I asked her about her experience filming the movie. She revealed to me: “We had such a good time. With Sandra (Bullock) and Ryan (Reynolds) and the director Anne Fletcher, it was like going to a party every day. We filmed on the Massachusetts coast, up in Rockport and Gloucester. It doubled for Alaska, and I thought it did a wonderful job.”
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Q: I loved the drama series “Southland” and was very upset to hear it had been canceled. Is there any hope that NBC will bring it back? — Ginger F., via e-mail

A: “Southland” will be back, but not on NBC. TNT recently announced that it has picked up the series and will air all 13 episodes — including the six-episode season two, which did not get the chance to air on NBC. TNT is the perfect place for the gritty drama of “Southland,” following in the footsteps of “Saving Grace” and “The Closer.”

It has not been decided whether the network will air more episodes after the initial 13-episode run. A representative for TNT told me: “TNT will evaluate the performance of ’Southland’ before deciding whether to order more episodes.” For the near future, you can catch “Southland” on TNT Tuesdays at 10 p.m. (ET/PT), beginning with the first episode of the series on Jan. 12.
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Q: What has Lisa Kudrow been up to lately? I miss seeing her every week on television. — Brenda F., via e-mail

A: Former “Friends” castmate Courteney Cox just announced that Lisa will guest star on Courteney’s hit show, “Cougar Town.” Lisa will play a dermatologist that Courteney’s character, Jules, can’t stop going to even though she is mean to her. This summer, Lisa wrapped the second season of her hilarious online Internet series, “Web Therapy.”

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