Mayor stays put; council members ousted

Sunday Times Newspapers

LINCOLN PARK — Mayor Frank Vaslo received 2,291 votes Tuesday to withstand a challenge from political newcomer Joseph Baughman (1,668).

    Unofficially, 4,086 of the city’s 25,546 registered voters turned out, or about 16 percent.

    “It’s always nice to have the work that you’ve been doing recognized by the citizens as being worthy for continuation,” Vaslo said Thursday.

    Regarding Baughman’s online candidacy declaration citing the city’s “downward spiral,” Vaslo said, “One man’s downward spiral is another man’s opportunity.”

    Though things are tough all over, he said, Lincoln Park is well-equipped to face uncertain economic times.

    “Our community is no different than a lot of others,” Vaslo said. “We face the challenges that come our way with our eyes wide open, and we will work positively to effect change.”

    One immediate change is the makeup of the City Council, where incumbents Valerie Brady and Michael Myers failed to retain their seats. Newcomers Joseph Kaiser Jr., who received 2,823 votes, Donald Majors (2,118) and Suzanne Moreno (2,621) were elected to two-year terms on the council.

    Among the incumbent councilmen, Mariano DiSanto returned to office with 2,165 votes, along with Mark Kandes (2,570) and Thomas Murphy (2,194).

    Brady, who received 1,581 votes and Myers (2,021), were joined in finishing outside the field by Gleason Heine (1,390).

    Vaslo was pleased with the council election as well.

    “We are going to be looking at a significant new way of doing business,” he said, “a more professional and reasonable way than we’ve had to endure for the past two years.

    “The council deserves some calm, rational, well-thought-out government, and hopefully we’ll have that for the next couple of years.”

    City Clerk Donna Breeding and Treasurer Patricia Lutko, both incumbents, retained their positions, receiving 3,378 and 3,270 votes, respectively.