Man arrested for brandishing pistol as students enter Lowry

DEARBORN — Police arrested 43-year-old Hussein Samir Hammoud for allegedly threatening another man with a handgun across from Lowry Elementary School, 6601 Jonathon, about 8:45 a.m. Oct. 30.

     He is charged with felony assault with a pistol and failure to notify police he was armed.

     A school employee called police after she saw Hammoud exit his burgundy Chevrolet Venture, go over to the victim, who was still in his car, and begin pointing and waving the gun.

     The victim told police he was driving south on Jonathon on his way home from work when Hammoud cut him off. The victim said he honked his horn to indicate he needed to get into his driveway, which is across from the school. That prompted Hammoud to pull even closer, the victim said.

     When traffic finally cleared, the victim was able to go around Hammoud and pulled into his driveway, he said. But when he pulled in, Hammoud allegedly got out of the minivan yelling. The victim said he locked the doors to his car when he saw Hammoud approaching.

     When Hammoud reached the car, he allegedly revealed a handgun in his waistline and then began pointing it at the victim.

     “I couldn’t believe this was happening,” the victim told police. “It was like a bad dream. I just sat there and said a prayer. I thought I was going to die.”

     When police arrived and questioned Hammoud, he downplayed the dispute, saying “It’s nothing.” But after interviewing several witnesses, police disagreed and placed him under arrest while his wife allegedly protested, saying the victim had run her husband over and “tried to kill him.”

     Police confiscated two handguns from Hammoud at the time of his booking, along with his concealed pistol license.

J. Patrick Pepper