High school fights: Tempers flare in and outside halls

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE – A high school fight Oct. 8 injured an administrator, while another incident outside a party store Monday drew teens and a parent into the fray before police intervened.

Police were called to Roosevelt High School about noon Oct. 8 when a rivalry between two teen boys over a girl became physical and caused injury to James Babody of the school’s counseling office.

The two teen boys, ages 16 and 17, respectively, had text messaged each other the night before over the girl. The 17-year-old reportedly was dating her, while the 16-year-old admitted to pursuing her in person and on the phone.

The boys met in the senior hallway about noon. Each told police that the other threw the first punch.

Babody said he tried verbally four times to stop the boys from fighting. When they disregarded him, he said, he grabbed the 17-year-old from behind.

Officials say the restrained youth then flipped Babody over his back and shoulder, causing the counselor to land hard on the floor. The move caused a minor injury, for which police say he sought medical attention.

On Wednesday a police detective said Babody plans to press charges once the youth is off suspension. Both youth were given 10-day suspensions, per police.

When asked how Babody was feeling now, Principal Mary McFarlane said that he was fine.

Youth and mother attacked at market
Police were called about 3 p.m. Monday to Mac’s Market, 375 Eureka at Fourth, on report of a teen fight.

A mother and her son said that when they entered the store, they recognized two teen boys who had thrown rocks and bricks at her house during the summer. She also said they had goaded her son in the past.

Witnesses say that when the mother and son left the store, the son was attacked, and that the instigator was losing until a third boy joined in.

At that point, police said, the mother tried to get the initial aggressor off her son; she then was punched. A witness then called police.

By then three attackers were involved and described by the witness to authorities, who were on their way.

Officers upon arrival separated the parties into different squad cars and heard each version of events. They then questioned the victims, who both declined medical treatment.

Two of the three alleged attackers were taken into police custody and charged with nonaggravated assault. The third person of interest may be a twin to one of the aggressors, police said.