Letter to editor

As a lifelong Dearborn citizen who genuinely cares about my hometown, I had hopes that with the 2007 changes of administration in our town we could expect to see an election process that was freer than in past years – free of unnecessary games – and with an emphasis on the best person winning a place on the City Council with all candidates for office putting Dearborn and its future first.

    Sadly, my hopes were dashed last week when I opened a letter addressed to my family that accused a Dearborn elected official of paying less in taxes than his neighbors, committing fraud and not paying for a parking ticket, etc.

    It was hard to read every last word in the letter because of the dirt and mud, which soiled the entire piece of paper. But the strategy was clear: produce a libelous set of accusations that offered no proof whatsoever. Worse, the cowardly piece was sent without an individual’s name or signature, closing with only the name “We Care About Dearborn.” The hell they do!

    If these folks really cared about Dearborn, they would come out from the shadows rather than hiding in the dark and turn these accusations into issues the voters of Dearborn could agree or disagree with in meaningful public discussion with the candidate they accuse.

    This type of activity reminds me of those folks who in 2005 came from under their rock to throw a brick through my kitchen window the night before I was elected to the Dearborn Charter Commission, and when something slithered up from the Rouge to slash two of my tires while my car sat in the Dearborn police (department) and 19th District Court parking lot as I attended a meeting.

    The so-called group, “We Care About Dearborn,” has timed and worded the letter in the most blatant political fashion, keeping true to the sometimes rough and savage spirit of Dearborn politics – especially when such persons target elected officials demonstrating integrity and independence.

    Let’s have an honest discussion about the issues that affect us all and our future: attracting real investment in our downtowns, equitable neighborhood services and responsible budget management – then let the voters decide.

Raymond T. Trudeau