Police blotter

Lincoln Park
High school robbed, ransacked
A large amount of cash was taken last weekend from Lincoln Park High School, 1701 Champaign.

Police were called early Monday morning and found a milk crate on the roof that they believed thieves used to gain access to a second-floor window, where blood was found on the ledge. Blood also was found throughout the cafe on the second floor.

The cash was taken from a storage room after its glass door had been broken. The glass door on the bookstore storage room also was broken, and two cash registers were damaged in an effort to remove the cash drawers. A laptop computer was missing from the storage room.

The athletic director’s office was ransacked, and the front door of a beverage cooler was broken. A small personal refrigerator apparently was thrown through the athletic secretary’s window.

A custodian reported being notified early Oct. 3 about an alarm going off in the school store, but told police he dismissed it because no other alarms were triggered elsewhere in the building.

A black nylon men’s trifold wallet was found by an unknown student; it contained the identification card of a Flat Rock resident and was taken as evidence by police.

Bricks damage several vehicles
Bricks were used to smash windows and cause other damage on several vehicles Oct. 3.

Targets included the rear window of a 1995 Chevrolet Blazer in the 15100 block of Howard, causing $300 damage; the windshield of a 2006 Ford Focus in the 13200 block of Peach ($500); the driver’s door and side mirror of a vehicle in the 16600 block of Timothy; a 1994 Ford Escort in the 17400 block of Jessica Drive ($300 damage); and the bumper of a vehicle in the 16800 block of Jessica ($500).

A brick was found on the floor inside the Blazer, and a dark-colored pickup truck was seen driving away from the Focus shortly after the car’s owner heard a noise about 1 a.m.

Garage of house for sale cleaned out
Several items were found missing about 8 p.m. Monday from the garage of a house for sale in the 13600 block of Callender.

The real estate sign was missing from the front yard. Taken from the garage were an 8-foot utility trailer valued at $500, a chop saw ($600) and a playscape ($600), all of which had been placed there for storage about a month ago.

A neighbor reported seeing a young white man and a young white woman pull up to the garage over the weekend in a dark-colored sport utility vehicle, but said she believed it was because the house had been sold.

Thieves get cash in timely break-in

A witness reported that the front glass door was broken overnight Monday at Rodriguez Expedited Freight, 9400 Pelham.

The witness said when he arrived in the front parking lot about 9 a.m. Monday, the door had been smashed. Officers checked and found that a northwest exit door was open and a drawer that usually is kept locked had been forced open. Cash was missing from a box elsewhere in the building.

A driver who routinely sleeps in his vehicle in the front lot left the scene at 5:30 a.m. Monday, police said, but saw no evidence of a break-in.

Trailer turns up missing
A man arrived about 9 a.m. Monday at the UAW Region 1A office, 9650 S. Telegraph, to find his utility trailer missing.

The trailer had been parked in a lot on the property. The man asked around to see if anyone had borrowed it before finally concluding it had been stolen.

An employee reported seeing the trailer at 7 p.m. last Sunday. The owner said he believed it was stolen shortly before he arrived because of dew surrounding a dry patch on the parking lot where it had been left.

Bowling center burglary nets cash
About $250 cash was taken overnight Oct. 1 from Trenton Lanes, 3360 W. Jefferson.

The owner said she locked up at 12:30 a.m. and returned about 10:45 a.m. She was getting ready to open when she noticed the money missing from the cash register behind the bar. Another register was not missing any money, but apparently someone had tried to pry open the drawer with screwdriver that was left lying on the counter.

Double doors on the east side of the building had been pulled open, damaging a deadbolt lock. Nothing else appeared disturbed.

Resident tracks down credit thief
A resident of the 3300 block of Tomson reported Monday that someone had used her credit card to make purchases of $600, $400 and $200.

She said the purchases were sent to a Brownstown Township address, and that she used a directory to find the name of the resident who lives there.