House robbed while seniors get flu shots; recent parolee arrested

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE – An elderly couple returned to their house in the 200 block of Biddle after getting flu shots Wednesday and heard someone moving upstairs.

The 87-year-old man and 79-year-old woman waited in their detached garage while police arrived and began to investigate.

The back door frame was damaged from being forced open. Police then observed someone moving around the ground floor of the home. The suspect then ran through the house and out the front door, then west across Biddle and into a back yard.

Officers began to check back yards for the subject, and one injured his leg in the 200 block of Second. The suspect removed his glasses and sweatshirt in an attempt to change his appearance.

Moments later an officer apprehended the man, a 37-year-old Brownstown Township resident, in the 200 block of Second. He was lying on the ground and repeatedly asked officers to shoot him, saying he was on parole.

Police restrained the man and during a weapons check found jewelry in his pants pockets. He said no one else was with him in the house.

Officers found several upstairs bedrooms had been ransacked. A safe also had been moved from one room to the middle of another.

The residents were advised to check their possessions for losses and to file a police report.

Officers found the subject’s discarded sweatshirt and a glove in a nearby back yard.