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Thief apologizes while fleeing crime scene

About 200 pounds of scrap metal was stolen Aug. 10 at Stout Middle School, 18500 Oakwood, as a contractor was working to remove the school’s old bleachers.

The contractor told police he was loading some metal into a container when he noticed two Hispanic men in their mid-40s removing metal from the same container and putting it into the back of a red 1997 Dodge Ram.

The contractor told the men to stop and put back what they already had taken, but one of them responded, “Sorry, but we’re taking it and not giving back,” before jumping into the truck and fleeing at a high rate of speed south on Oakwood.

Woman robbed from behind

A purse was snatched about 5 p.m. Aug. 9 from 57-year-old woman walking in the 7200 block of Kentucky.

Stolen were her driver’s license, Social Security card, checkbook, keys, credit cards and $145 cash.

When police arrived the woman was lying on the ground in tears with scrapes on her hands and knees. She told them she was walking down the street when she heard a vehicle pull up behind her.

Next thing she knew, she had been shoved to the ground and a black man described as 18 to 20 years old grabbed the purse she was carrying before fleeing in a newer burgundy pickup truck.