Billy Jack
Billy Jack

By DNA Smith


New DVD Releases for the Week of Aug. 24, 2009

ONE TIN SOLDIER SCISSOR-KICKS YOUR DVD PLAYER “The Complete Billy Jack Collection” — Four awesome-packed films. One sturdy cardboard box. Tom Laughlin stars as Billy Jack: Half American Indian, Half-Green Beret, Half Righteous Kung-Fu Champion of The Little Guy and Half Dude Who Isn’t Too Good at Math But No One Cares Cuz He’s BILLY JACK! This boxed set contains the entire Billy Jack saga: “The Born Losers,” “Billy Jack,” “The Trial of Billy Jack” and “Billy Jack Goes to Washington.” It’s a ’70s Grindhouse Nostalgia Burger with extra cheese and shoved down the throat of The Man, baby!

“Sgt. Pepper Live: Cheap Trick” — Exactly what the title implies: The classic Beatles album performed live by my favorite 1970s and ’80s power pop quartet, Cheap Trick. Backing the group are an Indian combo and a full orchestra, as they perform the album from start to finish. I wonder if Bun E. Carlos will pull a Ringo and sing “A Little Help From My Friends”?

“My Weakness Is Strong” — The latest standup comedy performance by one of my favorite comics, Patton Oswalt. It’s a marathon two-disc set, and if it’s anything like his “Feelin’ Kinda Patton” show, I’ll be feeling like a puppy came down from heaven to motorboat my back fat.

“Batman: The Brave and the Bold” Vol. 1 — “The Brave and the Bold” is one of the best cartoon series on TV right now. The show beautifully captures the light-hearted look and attitude of the ’60s comic book. The problem I have is not with the show, but with this DVD release. It contains only four episodes, not the entire series. Which means Warner Bros. is sticking it to the fans the same way it’s been doing for years: Releasing shows a few episodes at a time and then later releasing a boxed set of the entire series with extras and other goodies, so we pay twice for the same product. Don’t buy this set. You’re getting ripped off. Wait for the entire season to be released.

“thirtysomething” The Complete First Season
“House, M.D” Season Five
“Life” Season Two
“Samantha Who?” The Complete Second Season
“Smallville” The Complete Eighth Season
“Californication” The Complete Second Season
“Scrubs” The Complete Eighth Season
“NCIS” The Complete Sixth Season
“Here’s Lucy” Season One
“One Tree Hill” The Complete Sixth Season
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