Stolen car chase ends in suspect’s death

A high-speed Michigan State Police pursuit of a suspect in a stolen vehicle Thursday resulted in his death after he collided with another vehicle on westbound Michigan Avenue near Livernois in front of the Telway restaurant in Detroit.

    The suspect died at the scene. As of press time police would say only that the suspect was an unidentified white man; published reports said he was carrying no identification and would have to be identified through dental records.

    The pursuit began when Taylor police received a report of a stolen vehicle shortly after 6 a.m. Thursday when a Taylor resident saw the suspect drive away in a vehicle reportedly belonging to a Monroe resident.

    A short time later two Taylor officers in a marked patrol car spotted the suspect driving the stolen vehicle on I-75. He attempted to elude them, and a high speed chase ensued. 

    The pursuit continued into Detroit, when Taylor officers broke it off.  The suspect then slowed down and Taylor police continued to follow at a safe distance.

    When the suspect turned onto Michigan Avenue, a Michigan State Police unit appeared and continued the pursuit until it ended in the suspect’s accidental death.