Police Blotter

Lincoln Park


Bike not fast enough to beat arrest


     A foiled larceny attempt at Sleep Inn, 1805 John A. Papalas Drive, resulted in an arrest early last Sunday.

      A man who used to live with an employee of the hotel had stopped by about 3:20 a.m. to use the telephone and to get a bag to collect cans before asking the employee if he could use the bathroom.      When the employee didn’t hear the bathroom door close, she checked and found the man had opened a cupboard where money typically is kept and told him she was calling police. The employee suspected the man may have been involved in the disappearance of money around the time of his previous visits and had removed the cash.

     The man then left on a mountain bicycle and was headed south on Papalas when he was met by officers, who then made the arrest for attempted larceny. A warrant for his arrest had been issued by the 36th District Court.


Driver stops at accident scene to take laptop


     A man who came to pick up his mother from the scene of an accident near A&W, 1467 Southfield, was the victim of theft Tuesday afternoon.

     He had removed a $2,000 laptop computer from the trunk of his mother’s car and placed it in the back seat of his vehicle and returned a few minutes later to find the laptop missing.

     A restaurant employee said she saw a green Chevrolet Tahoe pull up near the man’s vehicle, and that the driver got out, took something out of the man’s car, got back into the Tahoe and drove off on Southfield.

     The victim told police that the computer contains a tracking device.




Uninvited wedding guest ruins reception


     A man flipped over a table and broke a glass front door early Aug. 8 at Crystal Gardens, 16703 Fort Street, during a wedding reception.

     A manager said when employees tried to escort the man out, he fled on foot through the parking lot, over a barbed wire fence, through the Southgate Ford parking lot, over a barbed wire fence on the east end of the lot and into the Village Green apartment complex.

     An employee tried to pursue him but suffered cuts on his hands, which were treated on site.

     Wedding party members said the man was uninvited, and that they would try to identify him. They told hall management and police they were upset at the possibility of being held liable for the damage, which was estimated at $500.


Garden statue goes away


     A red and blue fisherman statue was found stolen about 7 a.m. Wednesday from a garden in the 13100 block of Rosedale.

     The resident said the statue was there when she went to bed the night before.




Group tries to steal grill


     A resident in the 25900 block of Continental Circle told police that people who he has seen sitting on his patio in the middle of the night recently may have had something to do with the attempted theft of his grill Aug. 5.

     He returned from work at 7:30 p.m. that day and was informed by a neighbor that three black men had been on the patio trying to slide over his screen door in an attempt to enter his residence. The neighbor said that when they were unsuccessful, they began wheeling his grill to a nearby parking lot.

     The neighbor then yelled at the men, who left the grill and ran off.




Disoriented man gets ride to police station


     Police were called early Tuesday to the BP gas station at West Jefferson and Harrison on word that someone was trying to break in.

     They arrived just after midnight to find a man sitting on the ground in front of the closed station. He told them he was walking from Grand Rapids to Toledo and was going to wait there for a bus.

     Officers told him that no buses were coming that way and gave him a ride to the southern city limits. When they pulled over to let him out, he told them he now wanted to go to Washington, D.C. and refused to get out.

     Police then arrested him for obstructing. They said the man believes people are following him and reported “seeing people” during the ride south.

     They also said he did not indicate any intent to hurt himself or anyone else, but was “not all there.”


Lunch stop turns into punches


     A UPS Inc. driver reported being assaulted about 2:30 p.m. Aug. 7 in the parking lot of A&W, 2975 W. Jefferson.

     He told police he was stopped at West Jefferson and Walnut and preparing to turn into the restaurant parking lot to eat when a black sport utility vehicle went around him at a high rate of speed into the lot. The UPS driver then parked on Walnut and was walking through the lot when the SUV driver ran up to him and started yelling at him and accused the UPS driver of insulting him.

     The UPS driver said the man then punched him twice in the head, got back into the SUV and drove off. The UPS driver also said he did know his alleged assailant.

     A witness got a license plate number for the vehicle, which is described as a black Ford Escape, driven by a white man in his mid-30s who stood about 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighed 160 pounds. He was wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans.

     Witnesses also reported seeing a white female passenger in the vehicle, whose registered owner is being considered a suspect by police.