By DNA Smith

New DVD Releases for the Week of Aug. 17, 2009


     “The Simpsons” Season 12 — OK, I confess that I haven’t watched the show in years, but I do buy the boxed sets from time to time. Season 12 is definitely one for my collection. There are two versions of this collection: a standard box with a picture of the Comic Book Guy, and a limited edition box that is actually shaped like the Comic Book Guy. The reason is that Season 12 contains the classic episode, “Worst Episode. Ever” — the one where Bart and Milhouse run his store after he’s had a heart attack.

     In addition, there are the memorable episodes like “A Tale of Two Springfields,” with guest stars The Who; “The Computer Wore Menace Shoes” a spoof of the cult series “The Prisoner;” “Trilogy of Error” — a send-off of “Run Lola Run”; and so many more.

     The Season 12 collection is also jam-packed with goodies: Commentary tracks for all 21 episodes; Easter Eggs (hidden features) on all four discs; featurettes, including “Comic Book Guy: Best Moments Ever,” and “The Global Fanfest.”


     “Tyson” — I saw this documentary in the theater last year and was blown away. Director James Toback gained unprecedented access to Mike Tyson, and the footage he got is a compelling insight into the mind of boxing’s most controversial figure. It is Mike Tyson’s story told by the man himself. It’s not the most balanced account of his life, but then again, “Tyson” isn’t meant to be that kind of documentary. It is raw; it is intimate — and a great film.


     “The 5 Deadly Venoms” — If you liked “Kill Bill,” then you’ll love this flick. It’s a cheesy, over-the-top kung-fu movie from 1978 that Quentin Tarantino “borrowed” from when creating the plot for “Kill Bill.” The plot of “5 Deadly Venoms” centers around a student from the Poison Clan who must go on a quest to find the five greatest masters from the clan — each with his own unique fighting style — so they can return and save the group from destruction. I saw this movie on TV when I was a kid and thought it was awesome. I’m gonna grab a copy of the DVD to see if it still holds up.



“Greek: Chapter Three”

“Dirty Sexy Money” The Complete Second Season

“Sons of Anarchy” Season One

“Gossip Girl” The Complete Second Season

“Dexter” The Complete Third Season

“Eli Stone” The Complete Second Season

“Simon and Simon” Season Three

“Everybody Hates Chris” The Final Season

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