Gathering Wednesday to receive recognition for quick response to a recent emergency call are Capt. Louis Gyuricksa (left), probationary firefighters Michael Donaldson (fourth from left) and Nicholas Carignan and firefighter Glenn Owens. Joining them for the occasion are Fire Chief Daniel Wilhelm (second from left), utility worker Michael Butler who was revived by the firefighters.

MELVINDALE — The actions of five city firefighters who responded to a July 1 emergency were recognized by Fire Chief Daniel Wilhelm at Wednesday’s City Council meeting.
Capt. Louis Gyuricska, Lt. Jeffrey Beatty, firefighter Glenn Owens, and probationary firefighters Nicholas Carignan and Michael Donaldson responded to word that a utility worker had been electrocuted at 3271 Northpointe.
Upon arrival they discovered 24-year-old Michael Butler lying on the ground, unresponsive, with no pulse or respiration. They intubated him and shocked him with a defibrillator, after which a normal sinus rhythm was established, enabling him to breathe on his own.
Fire officials say Butler, who has a wife and young son, should have no lasting effects from the injury.