City, schools to benefit from national solar light program

TAYLOR — Sponsored solar school bus stop lights soon will be blinking within the boundaries of the Taylor School District.
A total of 50 lights will be installed within district boundaries as part of the National Adopt-A-Watt Program. Organizers say the lights will increase safety for school children and generate new revenue for clean energy projects for both the school district and the city of Taylor, which signed on to participate last year. The Board of Education voted unanimously last month to greenlight the project.
AAW officials say the cost of sponsoring solar school bus stoplights is relatively inexpensive. For instance, they say, all 50 solar lights in Taylor could be sponsored for the average yearly cost of a single highway billboard in metropolitan Detroit.
Savings to program participants can be used for any purpose that reduces fossil fuel consumption and operating costs. Projects under consideration include the purchase of new plug-in hybrid electric vehicles for the city and, for the school district, cleaner burning biodiesel fuel for school buses or even large-scale solar electric systems for school buildings.
“City officials enjoy a great working relationship with the Taylor Board of Education and the Superintendent’s Office,” Mayor Cameron Priebe said. “The Adopt-A-Watt Program is a win-win situation for everyone. The program generates energy, thus reducing energy costs and the carbon footprint. Meanwhile, corporate sponsorship creates publicity for local businesses and promotes goodwill within the community.”
Taylor Schools Supt. Bethany Iverson added: “We’ve completed a number of projects with the city, and the Taylor schools are proud to partner with the city on the Adopt-A-Watt program. It’s great for the environment, important for our city and a wonderful addition for our schools and the safety of our students.”
Adopt-A-Watt is a Royal Oak-based company that recruits corporate sponsors to pay a fee for solar panels or solar lights. The panels or lights are erected in a city and a sign is posted with the name of each sponsor. Thomas Wither, founder of the National Adopt-A-Watt Program, said the move is a step forward for the city and school district.
“This action taken by the school board, as well as a previous acceptance by Taylor’s City Council, clearly demonstrates this community’s concern for its school children’s welfare and its desire for a clean energy future,” Wither said. “We are very pleased with the board’s acceptance of our program and especially appreciate the support and contribution to this project by Mayor Priebe and Department of Public Works Supt. Bob Mach.”

Sponsoring opportunities
Sponsoring opportunities for solar school bus stop lights are now available in Taylor.
“Sponsorship offers a high-profile opportunity to show support for clean energy, children and the community,” Wither said. “In addition to offering individuals, foundations and nonprofits an impacting and visible means of displaying philanthropy, the National Adopt-A-Watt Program presents an exciting new alternative media platform for corporations to benefit the communities they serve while demonstrating 21st Century corporate social responsibility and generating favorable brand awareness 365 days a year.”
For more information about sponsorship, contact the National Adopt-A-Watt Program at (866) 643-5724 or, or go to