LADIES AND GENTLEMEN (cue theme from “Rocky”). THE TIME HAS COME (cue dramatic lights). IN ONE WEEK’S TIME, BRACE YOURSELVES FOR …
THE 3rd ANNUAL ARAB AMERICAN COMEDY SHOW! (Huge roar from the crowd.)
That’s right my friends, on Aug. 14 and 15 (Friday and Saturday) at 7 p.m. at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center in Dearborn, 15 fine local actors and one very funny (and very skinny) host from New York/LA will grace the stage to perform what could potentially go down in history as the funniest 90 minutes that in the metro Detroit area has ever seen. I have been known to exaggerate just a titch, but play along, will ya?
So, for the past three-and-a-half weeks we have been busily preparing the show. And, let me go on record saying, in my opinion, this is the FUNNIEST in all three years and the BEST writing we’ve seen yet.
The show is accessible for any and everyone. If I had to give it a rating, I’d say it was a PG-13. It is in English (with the occasional Arabic phrase and/or curse word). Think of it as an extended episode of Saturday Night Live (with Arabs) or something similar to “My Big Fat Greek (Arab) Wedding.” It’s all good, clean (mostly), fun. We encourage everyone to come out and share some laughs with us. No need for tomatoes here (we hope)!
Let me take this opportunity to briefly describe the sketches you’ll see at the show (in no particular order):
We’ll feature another installment of the audience favorite, “Living It Up.” This time the annoying Bobby (played brilliantly by Amir Makled) has invited his non-Arab girlfriend, Meagan (the adorable Anissa Jawad) over for dinner. What will happen when his mother Samira (hilariously played by Sarah Bazzi) decides to really put Meagan to the test? After all, is anybody really good enough for Bobby?
Also, we will follow up last year’s smash hit, “Neighborhood Nightly News” with a part two written by the brilliant Lameece Issaq. This installment will feature some of our local favorites (remember Suehalia from last year?) in fictional situation much to the audience’s delight.
Two of the strongest actors (Sarah Bazzi and the hilarious Amer Zahr) join forces to rock a new sketch called “Zuberman.” Think Superman meets Borat. This sketch was written by Dearborn’s own Aaron Alcodray and Ryan Jaber.
What will surely be a major audience favorite this year is a sketch called “Love Match” in which host Khalid Woolery (newcomer and rising star, Nader Aoude) tries to find lov e for his contestants … but how do you find love for someone who doesn’t even know they’re on your show. This contestant (super cute Janice Ann Freij) was set up by her own mother (Natalie June in a role like you’ve never seen her … this girl has some serious acting range!).
Remember how I’m obsessed with Kelly Clarkson? And remember how she was on that show “American Idol”? Well, I couldn’t pass up the chance to stage a new sketch called “Fellahin Idol” … much like its American counterpart … except whacked out. Meena Diman plays Ryan Seacrest. ’Nuff said.
Those are the sketches. They are all pretty diverse and really hilarious. Also, don’t miss out on our new short video. By now you’ve all see n “Cribz” and the newly released “Nexted.” This year we have topped ourselves by hiring Middle Eastern comedian and filmmaker, Negin Farsad (look her up, she’s no joke) to direct and co-write (with me!) our latest MTV parody. I won’t give anything away … but you won’t want to miss this one! Two words: Arabian. Prince. Two more words: Mayor. Of. Dearborn. OK, that was three words, but whatever.
So, to reiterate:
WHO: Mizna Entertainment
WHAT: The 3rd Annual Arab American Comedy Show (Presented by European Tanning Club)
WHEN: Friday and Saturday, Aug. 14 and 15
WHERE: The Ford Community & Performing Arts Center (Civic Center), 15801 Michigan Ave., Dearborn
For tickets call the box office at (313) 943-2354. For more information visit our official Web site
Thank-you. See you at the show!!!!!