The local community has been quick and decisive in its show of compassion and support for the 112 Chihuahuas found living in their own filth in a local house next to an even larger number of dead dogs. As of last week, more than 500 applications had been submitted to adopt the dogs rescued by the Dearborn Animal Shelter, and so many cars occupied by potential donors were lined up outside the shelter last week that tents had to be set up to accommodate them.
All of the help most certainly is needed. The dogs need homes, and the shelter needs help to defray the nearly $100,000 unforeseen cost of rescuing them. Shelter and city workers have expressed their gratitude for the help and generosity. We, too, applaud those efforts, and believe they speak well of the community.
However, we also believe this is a good time to remind people not to lose sight of the less fortunate two-legged denizens equally close to home, who, like the dogs, are caught in a situation not of their own making. We’re speaking, of course, of people who are caught in the grip of the severe economic downturn and may be trapped in circumstances from which they see little hope of escape.
We believe, however, that the members of this community are up to the challenge. We hope that even in a time when everyone’s hurting, they also will open their hearts — and, where possible, their wallets — to help those who suddenly find themselves having to do without.
The good news is that the lines at the places that provide such help usually are much shorter than at the animal shelter. Even better, those who receive help there can smile and say, “Thank-you.”