The problem with candles

Joel are wonderful for creating a nice, relaxing, homey atmosphere, but the ingredients some candles are made of can also be very bad for your health. Aside from the obvious benefits candles provide us with, let’s also take a look at some things to watch out for.

As candles burn, they produce carbon monoxide and soot. Burning candles too frequently can discolor the walls, ceilings and contents of a home. They can also contaminate your homes ventilation system. This is especially true of ductwork constructed or lined with fiberglass or insulation.

Petroleum-based candles made with paraffin wax, along with scented or aromatic candles, are the worst offenders. Most candles on the market today are made from paraffin wax or a blend of paraffin and other waxes. Paraffin is a derivative of petroleum. When burned, they release carcinogenic toxins and soot into the air. The emissions from paraffin candles contain many of the same toxins produced by burning diesel fuel. It’s kinda like starting up a diesel engine inside your home!

Scented candles may triggr allergic reactions. If you have adults or children in your home that suffer from asthma, breathing problems or respiratory allergies, they may experience more severe reactions, and in this case it would be best not to burn candles at all.

Candle manufacturers are not required to list or disclose hazardous, toxic or carcinogenic compounds used as ingredients in their products or even place warning labels on their products regarding lead content and emissions. However there is a candle light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Candles made from Soy, generally last 50 percent longer than petroleum-based candles. They burn slower and cooler, and are nontoxic. Soy candles are less likely to trigger allergies, clean up with soap and water and produce very little soot.

Beeswax candles are also a good choice for your home. These are also less likely to trigger allergies, and generally do not produce toxins or soot when burned. If you want to burn scented candles, be sure they are authentic aromatherapy candles that are scented with real essential oils. If the label isn’t clear about this, call the manufacturer before purchasing.

We all like to create a nice, cozy atmosphere in our homes, yeahhh buddy,.But let’s take what we’ve learned here and do it carefully. You’ll not only protect your family, but you’ll also keep your home, healthy and safe. Joel Wensley is a licensed mechanical contractor in Michigan, a member of the Comfort Institute and is also the president of Mechanical Heating & Cooling in Dearborn Heights.