Robber makes clean break

ALLEN PARK — A man netted about $100 after he robbed One Hour Martinizing, 7210 Allen Road, at 6 p.m. July 20.
An employee said right before the incident she was doing some work on her computer and had the back door open because it was hot in the building.
She said she felt something touch her back and heard a voice say, “This is a robbery.”
The employee thought it was a joke and turned around to see man wearing a gray T-shirt over his face with two holes cut out for eyes.
The robber ordered the employee to take all of the money out of the cash register and hand it to him from behind her back.
The employee said the man ordered her to her knees as she repeatedly said, “Please don’t hurt me.”
He ordered her to lie on the ground, which she did for about a minute before running out the front door to the Clark gas station next door at 7200 Allen.
Officers from Allen Park and Melvindale searched the surrounding area for the perpetrator and asked several people in the area if they saw anything suspicious, but no leads were found.