Dearborn police urge residents to be on lookout for – and immediately report – suspicious activity to help counter rise in home invasions

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DEARBORN, Mich. – The Dearborn Police Department is asking for residents to partner with its officers in the ongoing effort to cut down on neighborhood crime – and in particular to help counter a recent rise in incidents of home invasions.
“We’re doing our part to respond to this trend, through increasing police patrols and by coordinating our efforts with surrounding jurisdictions,” said Police Chief Ronald Haddad. “But we need residents to do their part by acting as our eyes and ears in the neighborhoods. Often they have information we need to prevent crimes or catch the people perpetrating them.”
To report any type of suspicious or unusual activity, call the Dearborn Police Neighborhood Watch Program and Tip Line at 313.943.3030. Callers remain anonymous.
Report anything that seems suspicious or even just out of place – for example, an unfamiliar car repeatedly circling your block, or someone unfamiliar approaching a neighbor’s side door.
The second and crucial step is to make the call to the Tip Line immediately – even if you aren’t sure anything is definitely wrong.
“Crimes like home invasions are often hard for police to detect while they’re in progress, so we need a team effort with our citizens,” Haddad said. “If you see something strange, call us right away, so an officer can check it out. You’ll be helping keep your neighborhood safer.”
Haddad emphasized the importance of reporting information immediately.
“It’s critical to make that call right away. Waiting even a couple of minutes could make the difference between police catching a criminal and recovering someone’s stolen property, or them being gone when officers arrive,” he said.
Police remind residents that to report a crime in progress or in an emergency, call 9-1-1.

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