By Fifi Rodriguez

1. GEOGRAPHY: On which continent is the country of Djibouti located?
2. FOOD & DRINK: Who is credited with naming, if not inventing, the sandwich?
3. MOVIES: Who played the lead in “The Invisible Man”?
4. GAMES: In Monopoly, what are the four railroad spaces named?
5. HUMAN ANATOMY: What is a more common name for the umbilicus?
6. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: A Big Band dance called the “Lindy Hop” was inspired by which real person?
7. RELIGION: Noah’s Ark landed on what mountain, according to the Old Testament?
8. ENTERTAINMENT: Who created the catchphrase “Bam!” on television?
9. HISTORY: What was the Stanley Steamer?
10. SCIENCE: Why does the brain produce endorphins?

1. Africa (northeast)
2. John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich
3. Claude Rains
4. Reading Railroad, B&O Railroad, Short Line and Pennsylvania Railroad
5. Navel or belly button
6. Charles Lindbergh, who was the first to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean
7. Mount Ararat
8. TV chef Emeril Lagasse
9 A steam-powered automobile built in the early 1900s
10. Endorphins act as opiates, or natural painkillers, during extreme stress
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