Police Blotter

Lincoln Park
Sleeping man can’t keep eye on car keys

A resident in the 900 block of Garfield unwittingly invited the theft of his dark blue 1999 Ford Expedition early last Sunday.
The man told police it was too hot to sleep in his house because his air conditioner had broken, so he and his girlfriend got into the sport utility vehicle and pulled it into the alley and fell asleep with the engine running. When he awoke about 6:40 a.m., the SUV’s engine was off and the keys were missing.
He and his uncle then walked to the store, saw the SUV headed east on Garfield and tried to follow it. The driver then turned north on Washington.
A man came running out of the SUV toward him, saying he knew who had stolen it, but refused to say where the thief was headed.
The owner then found the vehicle parked on Washington and called police, who advised him to remove the battery until another set of keys could be made.

Where there’s a smoke …

A man who went outside to smoke a cigarette in the 700 block of Park early Tuesday tipped police off to a vehicle fire in progress.
The man said he saw someone inside his neighbor’s 2000 Plymouth Voyager who he thought at first was the neighbor. He yelled that there was a fire in the back seat.
The occupant then got out of the car and ran west on Park and north on Washington toward Southfield Road.
Police described the occupant as weighing about 190 pounds and wearing a white hat and gray T-shirt.
Firefighters arrived to douse two fires that had been set in the rearmost seat and another in the middle seat.


Truck suspected in reverse fuel delivery

About $5,000 worth of fuel was taken last week from the Wayne County Department of Public Services Goddard Yard, 15645 Goddard.
Employees said the gate was locked at 4 p.m. July 7, but that when they went to reopen it at 7 a.m July 8, a new lock had been placed on the gate. A truck arrived that day to deliver gasoline and diesel fuel, and employees noticed the shortage after the truck had left during the weekly fuel check.
Missing were $2,500 worth of gasoline and $2,500 worth of diesel fuel. Several employees have keys to the facility, police said.

Tokens among taken items

A garage in the 12300 block of Pearl was the scene of a break-in early Monday.
The owner told police that at 9:40 a.m., several items were discovered missing.
Among them were two power inverters valued at $200, a $100 band saw, a $150 weed trimmer, two power sanders with a combined value of $200, $30 worth of empty bottles, a $100 jigsaw and $45 worth of Grosse Ile Toll Bridge tokens.

Job ‘applicant’ steals phones
A man went into United Wireless, 23700 Eureka, ostensibly to apply for a job, but ended up stealing from the business instead.
An employee said the man came in and asked to fill out an application when two customers entered and asked for two cell phones. As he prepared to fill out the application, the employee asked him to go to the back of the store and get phones for the customers.
The man took the phones out of their boxes and put them in his pocket, surveillance video showed, then returned to the front of the store and handed the customers’ phones they had brought in to the employee.
He then told the employee he was going outside to smoke a cigarette, left the building and got into a newer brown Dodge Charger, which then left the parking lot.
The employee said he then noticed the empty phone boxes.