Woodstock celebration held in city

WYANDOTTE — This month’s 3rd Friday will run a little longer than usual.

Wyan.Stock is the Wyandotte Business Association’s celebration of the 40th anniversary of Woodstock.

The event will run from noon until 10 p.m. Friday, with an earlier start and a later finish than the usual 3rd Fridays.

It will feature an all-day rock concert, poets, arts and crafts booths, a retro fashion show and a charity beer booth at the site of the old Wyandotte Theater at First and Elm streets.

“It’s a lot bigger than a normal 3rd Friday,” said event coordinator Michele Lundgren.

The concert will feature six bands — The Beat Boys, Duende, Woodman, Michigan Basement, John Holdren and The Vibra-Trons.

“They are all really fun bands, and some of them are really psychedelic,” Lundgren said. “They all do ’60s music.”

She added that the event is free and half of the beer tent proceeds will go to charity.

For more information call Lundgren at (248) 722-8880.