By DNA Smith


“For All Mankind — Criterion Collection” — The landmark, Academy-Award nominated 1989 documentary on the 24 men who walked on the moon is finally getting the Criterion treatment. Beautifully restored and in high-definition, “For All Mankind” features some of the most stunning visuals from space you’ll ever see. There are too many special features to list in such a small space, but I can assure you this film is a must-have for anyone who is an aficionado of history and the space program.

“Grey Gardens” — I have to admit, when I heard that Drew Barrymore was going to star in an HBO movie based on the classic documentary “Grey Gardens,” it buried the needle on my Skeptical Meter. Really? Drew “Charlie’s Angels” Barrymore as Little Edie? I think not. But then I watched this docudrama about the lives of the reclusive and eccentric aunt and cousin of Jackie Kennedy and was blown away. The performances by Barrymore, Jessica Lange as Big Edie and Jeanne Triplehorn as Jackie Kennedy are stellar. “Grey Gardens” not only does an amazing job of re-creating scenes from the Maysles Brothers documentary, it also gives an insight into the sad, glamorous and tragic story of a mother and her daughter and their lifelong relationship.

“The State: The Complete Series” — MTV’s groundbreaking, cult sketch-comedy show from the 1990s is now, after years of legal wrangling over music licensing, finally out on DVD. I never thought I’d see the day when I could trash my worn-out VHS tapes and finally watch the Barry Lutz Monkey Torture sketch in beautiful high-definition.


“Mad Men” Season 2
“Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” Collection Four
“Joe Schmo 2”
“Tracey Takes On…” Complete Seasons 3 & 4
“Bewitched” The Complete Eighth Season
“Wire in the Blood” The Complete Sixth Season
“Leverage” The First Season
“ER” The Complete Eleventh Season
“Peyton Place” Part Two

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