Celebrity Extra May 24th

By Cindy Elavsky

Q: I am hooked on the HBO series “True Blood.” Has it been renewed for another season, and if so, when will it start? — Summer G., via e-mail

A: “True Blood” is set to begin airing its 12-episode sophomore season on Sunday, June 14. The vampire drama — based on “The Southern Vampire Mysteries” novels by Charlaine Harris — returns with cast members Anna Paquin (who won a 2009 Best Actress in a Drama Series Golden Globe for the role), Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammel, Ryan Kwanten and Rutina Wesley. Evan Rachel Wood also has signed on to guest-star in a two-episode story arc in which she plays a 400-year-old Louisiana vampire queen named Sophie-Ann.

* * *

Q: I was sad to hear that “Lipstick Jungle” was canceled, mostly because I have a crush on the actor who played Kirby. What else can I see him on? — Heaven H. in Vermont

A: Robert Buckley, 28, is currently guest-starring on the CW’s “Privileged,” which is, in my opinion, the most well-written and best-acted series of its genre on television today. I recently spoke with “Privileged” star JoAnna Garcia, and she spoke highly of her new co-star: “Rob is as delicious off the screen as he is on the screen. We are really delighted to have him. His character is much more interesting than I think people would even imagine. It’s going to develop in way that I think is going to be fun for him as an actor to play, and it’s going to be the exact opposite of what you could imagine.”

* * *

Q: I was amazed to see the fabulous performance by Susan Boyle on “Britain’s Got Talent” via YouTube. That got me wondering, will the American version of the show return this summer? — Rachael G., via e-mail

A: “America’s Got Talent” is slated to return to NBC on Tuesday, June 23. The three judges — David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan — are all set to return; however, the show’s host, Jerry Springer, cannot due to other commitments. Actor/rapper Nick Gannon, 28, is set to take over hosting duties.

* * *

Q: I have really enjoyed watching Jesse James on this season’s “Celebrity Apprentice.” Can you tell me a little more about him? — Stephanie P., West Palm Beach, Fla.

A: Jesse Gregory James, who is said to be related to the Old West outlaw Jesse James, was born in Lynwood, Calif., on April 19, 1969. In his early career, he worked as a bodyguard for rock groups like Danzig, Slayer and Soundgarden. In 1992, he opened West Coast Choppers, a custom motorcycle shop, in his mother’s garage. It has since grown into 250,000-square-foot warehouse in the industrial section of Long Beach. From 2002 to ’06, he hosted his own show on the Discovery Channel, “Monster Garage.” He has been married to actress Sandra Bullock since 2005.

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