New show to open at gallery

WYANDOTTE — River’s Edge Gallery will hold the opening to its new show at the end of the month.


The gallery will present “There Goes the Neighborhood: Return to SLAWVILLE But It’s Dark Out Now” on May 30, and it will run through July 31.


“SLAWVILLE” is the presentation of Dearborn artist SLAW’s artwork where 1950s furniture and his paintings decorate the gallery. His work combines a sense of humor with retro style, people and settings reminiscent of the ’50s. The last two times the gallery “became SLAWVILLE” the shows were sold out.


This time SLAW depicts the “darker side” of his sense of humor in his paintings. Presenters say that in the new show, the martini-clad crowd in his paintings are being taken over by some sinister characters in some strange situations.


They also say this entirely new body of work carries both the style that he is known for and a style that is altogether different. Some of the sinister characters include a lunch lady, pilot, bartender and dentist.


River’s Edge Gallery intends, for the first time, to present the entire show on its Web site,


“SLAW is a nationally recognized artist, and we feel many of his new pieces will be sold out of state,” gallery director Jeremy Hansen said. “Of course we want to give our collectors first chance, but the fact is some artists’ reputations go outside our area.”


The artist will be available for a meet-and-greet during Wyandotte’s 3rd Friday June 19 and will be painting in front of the gallery during the entire Wyandotte Street Art Fair July 8 to 11.


For more information go to the gallery’s Web site or call (734) 246-9880.