Mayor supports AP studio project

Sunday Times Newspapers


WYANDOTTE — Mayor James DeSana and the City Council have given their support to another Downriver community’s proposed project.


During Monday’s council meeting, DeSana put forward a resolution for officials to “support in any way they could” Allen Park’s proposed film studio project.


The proposed $100 million project, which Allen Park officials have been working toward since August, was announced to the public in January. It would be located on 104 acres on land on Enterprise Drive north of Southfield and would create over 3,500 jobs.


Further details and the progress of the project have not been released due to confidentiality agreements with a studio executive.


Recently Allen Park Mayor Gary Burtka asked officials from several Downriver communities, including Wyandotte, for their support.


DeSana said he recently spoke with Burtka about some of the issues they are facing as public officials.


“One of our topics was the movie industry and the potential of Allen Park being selected as a site as a possible studio project,” he said. “Bringing new jobs in anywhere in the Downriver area benefits us all.”
He added that the studio may be a way to gain new residents and generate new business in Wyandotte.


Burtka asked the council to pass a resolution that detailed the positive impact the project would have in the area which is currently suffering.


“Economic times are handing a financial blow to the Downriver communities on a scale that has not been seen since the Great Depression, with no relief in sight,” said Burtka in his resolution.


It added that all the Downriver communities are directly affected by each action and contraction of the automotive industry, and the studio project would give the area diversification.


Burtka also said that residents in surrounding communities would benefit directly or indirectly from such a major employer being located in the immediate vicinity of Wyandotte.


By passing the resolution, DeSana asked Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano and the state to proactively commit their resources, services and finance-based incentive programs to make the studio opportunity a reality.


“This is booming,” Councilman Todd Browning said. “Hopefully Michigan’s economy will see the boost in this industry.


“I think this does nothing but assist Michigan in moving forward.”


Allen Park officials expect to release more details about the project soon.