Disorderly man arrested

WYANDOTTE — A 38-year-old Dearborn Heights man was arrested for disorderly conduct after harassing customers at Dunkin’ Donuts, 215 Eureka, at 6 a.m. last Sunday.


The store manager called police when the man refused to leave after he had been asking the manager and other customers for work and money, saying he was a carpenter.


When police arrived the man was wearing a long unbuttoned trench with no shirt on. He told police he was a “born-again Christian” and he was looking for work.


Police asked him why didn’t leave when asked to by the manager. He replied that he knew his First Amendment rights and said he did not have to leave, adding that it was his “freedom of speech” to harass the customers.


Police did a background check on the man and found that he had a fugitive warrant out of Dearborn Heights for failure to appear.


He was placed in a police car and told about his warrant.


The man then started yelling, “(F—) you doughnut eating (f——). I am the first officer of God and you cannot do this to me. I own you (exploitive), I used to make Krispy Kremes for you (f——).”


Police told the man he needed to calm down and stop yelling because several customers were going in and out of the store.


He then started yelling at both police and customers saying, “You all are our disciples. You (f——) will do what I say.”


The man yelled for several more minutes before police placed him under arrest.