Celebrity Extra April 5th

By Cindy Elavsky


Q: I just read that Sting, the musician, makes wine from his own vineyard. Is this true? If so, how can I try some? — A Police fan in Oregon


A: Sting has indeed joined the ranks of celebrities turned wine-industry insider. Two decades ago, Sting bought a farm in Italy, near Florence, which he turned into an organic farm producing honey, olive oil, fruits, vegetables and Tuscan salami. He recently began to cultivate grapes, and he has started to produce wine from said grapes.


Sting’s wine, the name of which has not been revealed, should be ready for sale in the U.S. and Britain by the end of the year. Other celebrities involved in the winemaking industry are, to name a few: Dan Aykroyd, Francis Ford Coppola, Johnny Depp, Brett Favre and Olivia Newton-John.


* * *


Q: I love the gorgeous and charming actor, Jeremy Northam. What can I see him in next? — Ellie W., West Palm Beach, Fla.


A: While I am accustomed to seeing Jeremy, 48, on the big screen, he has done his fair share of work on the small screen as well, most recently co-starring as Sir Thomas More on HBO’s “The Tudors.” You can see the “Gosford Park” star this fall in the new CBS medical drama called “Miami Trauma.” He will play, according to The Hollywood Reporter, a likable but enigmatic new doctor on the trauma ward.


* * *


Q: Is Sandra Bullock still married to Jesse James? When is her next film due for release? — H.W. in Alabama


A: Sandra and Jesse are still happily married and enjoying their private life as far away from the public eye as possible. Jesse has recently become more visible, especially to those who didn’t follow his “Monster Garage” series, when he was recruited to join the second season of “Celebrity Apprentice.” Sandra, on the other hand, has a new romantic comedy with Ryan Reynolds coming out on June 12 called “The Proposal.” The film also stars Craig T. Nelson, Mary Steenburgen and Betty White.


* * *


Q: Was John O’Hurley (of “Seinfeld” fame) once married to actress Eva La Rue of “CSI: Miami”? If so, how long were they married? Did they have any children? — Halle F., via e-mail


A: John and Eva were indeed husband and wife from 1992-94. They do not share any children; however, Eva has a daughter with second husband (and now ex) John Callahan, and John has a 2-year-old son named William with wife Lisa Mesloh.


* * *


Q: I say Melanie Griffith is the daughter of Tippi Hedren; my sister says the late Janet Leigh is her mother. Who is right? — Squabbling Sisters via e-mail


A: You are correct. I think your sister must be confusing her Alfred Hitchcock heroines. Janet Leigh, who starred in “Psycho,” is mother to Jamie Lee Curtis, while Tippi, who starred in “The Birds,” is indeed mother to Melanie.


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