Pair arrested for armed robbery

WYANDOTTE — Two arrests have been made in connection with the armed robbery of a residence in the 1100 block of Maple about 1:40 a.m. March 8.


Jeffrey Gratt and Alicia Reyes were arraigned last weekend and charged with 12 felonies, including armed robbery. Police are not releasing the pair’s ages or cities of residence.


A third person, believed to be a woman, involved in the crime has yet to be arrested.


One of the victims, who lives at the residence, said she was packing upstairs for a vacation, and that her boyfriend’s brother was downstairs when she heard some noises downstairs. She thought the noise was her boyfriend and his cousin coming home.


When she came downstairs she saw her boyfriend’s brother on the floor and a man with an AK-47 with two other people, believed to be women, in black masks. The man pushed her onto the floor and told her to not look at him.


She said he stuck the gun to her head and told her to give them money.


When she told him she did not have any money, one of the women started to duct tape her hands and feet together. The man grabbed her by the back of the pants and dragged her up the stairs.


Once upstairs, he stuck the gun in her face again and told her to give them money. She told him the only money they had was their vacation money downstairs.


She believes they heard her boyfriend’s truck pull up, because they all went downstairs, leaving her taped up by herself.


Her boyfriend, who also lives at the residence, had come home and told police he did not see any vehicles in the street besides his girlfriend’s. He and his cousin walked up to the back door and saw his brother on the floor in the laundry room, but thought he was playing with the dog.


The boyfriend started to put his key into the door to unlock it, when the door suddenly swung open. The man holding the gun told him to get into the house, which he did.


His cousin was able to run to the side of the house.


The three people inside repeatedly asked him where their money was. The boyfriend told them the only money he had was his vacation money.


One of the women then began swinging a hammer at him. His brother was hit in the face with the butt end of the gun when the woman’s boyfriend tried to help him.


The boyfriend said the man stuck the barrel of the gun in both his and his brother’s face.


While that was happening downstairs, his girlfriend, who was left upstairs by herself, ripped off the tape and climbed out the window. She then jumped off the roof, went to the neighbor’s house and called 911.


The trio stole $400 cash, a AR-15 rifle and a gold necklace from the house.


No bail was set for Gratt and Reyes. Preliminary examinations of the evidence against them are scheduled for Thursday before 27th District Judge Randy Kalmbach.


— Brooke Stevenson