Ask the Treasurer

Each week, Wayne County Treasurer Raymond Wojtowicz will use this column as a regular forum to inform you about the tax process and to answer the questions most frequently asked about property taxes.
Always remember that your property is your most precious asset. Do not risk losing it for nonpayment of property taxes. If in doubt, ask questions.


Q: If I am not able to pay my taxes by the due date, what will happen?


A: Any balance that is paid after the due date is assessed penalties and interest. Current year property taxes are payable to the local treasurer until the last day in February.


On March 1 all unpaid taxes are placed on the Wayne County Delinquent Tax Roll with additional penalties and interest. Once this takes place payments must be made to the Wayne County Treasurer only (payments may not be made to the city any longer).


If you cannot pay all of your taxes, you should pay as much as you are able so that you only pay interest and penalties on the unpaid portion.


On March 1, by law, delinquent taxes are sent to Wayne County Treasurer for billing and collection.


• After one year, if taxes remain unpaid, a Certificate of Forfeiture will be recorded with Wayne County Register of Deeds.


. • After two years, properties with delinquent taxes remaining unpaid will be foreclosed and a Notice of Foreclosure is recorded with Wayne County Register of Deeds.


If you have any questions or issues related to delinquent property taxes in Wayne County, please call our Taxpayer Assistance Department at (313) 224-6105. You may also find further information about delinquent taxes on the Wayne County Web site