Department to receive three new SUVs

ALLEN PARK — The City Council recently approved the purchase of three new Chevrolet Tahoes for use by the Police Department.


Police Chief Dean Tamsen said only Chevrolet offers pursuit-rated sport utility vehicles.


One of the new vehicles will be used for the K-9 unit, one by the weighmaster and one by the road supervisor.


Tamsen said the old weighmaster vehicle was auctioned recently because of high mileage and continuously was breaking down, requiring constant maintenance.


The road supervisor will use the Tahoe as a normal patrol vehicle.


“With the large vehicle size, the supervisors will be able to carry additional equipment that might be needed at incident locations,” Tamsen said.


In a price determined by a state bid, the vehicles cost $26,690 apiece for a total of $80,070 and will be paid for with federal forfeiture money.